Kate Baker’s love of music is the basis for two remarkable talents, as a singer and an educator.

She has a distinctive vocal style and lyrical expression and she has evolved into one of today’s most sought after singers. Her voice resonates with her love of diverse musical inspirations whether Jazz, Brazilian, Latin or the Blues. Be it a Cole Porter standard or an Antonio Carlos Jobim composition, English or Portuguese, Kate is at home. Ms. Baker is a musician’s singer. Her high level of musicianship has enabled her to successfully sing in a variety of settings, from an intimate duo to fronting her five-piece ensemble, as well as performing as a guest artist with Big Bands. Kate’s debut CD shines with Vic Juris, Richie Cole and the Alto Madness Orchestra.


Ms. Baker’s distinct and authentic sound has excited audiences worldwide. In Europe, she has been a featured vocalist at numerous Jazz events, including the Euro-Meet Jazz Festival, The Carini Jazz Festival and The Pergine Spettacolo Jazz Festival. In the U.S., her festival and concert credits include Berkshire Jazz Festival, The Texaco Jazz Series in NY City, William Paterson Jazz Room Concert Series, Liberty State Park Jazz Concert Festival, The Tarrytown Jazz Festival, The JVC Jazz Festival, The OSPAC Jazz Festival and many more. She has filled the rooms at major NYC area clubs such as: The Blue Note, Birdland, Trumpets and Visiones. Kate has had the pleasure of working with such talented artists as Claudio Roditi, Norman Simmons, Harvie Swartz, Houston Persons, Richie Cole, Vic Juris, Dick Oatts, Dave Stryker, Daduka Fonseka and many others.

"I’m moved by the beauty, how Kate tells a story with the lyrics in such a personal way and the palpable connection between her and Vic - whose playing is on another level here.”
— Dave Stryker

"This recording by Kate Baker & Vic Juris is a beautiful and intimate journey with deep expression on each piece of music.  It gives us the sense of their passion and love for each other within this repertoire."
— Joe Lovano

"'Return to Shore,' the posthumous duo release of Vic Juris with his wife and musical collaborator, vocalist Kate Baker, is just beautiful. The program is particularly poignant. I found it impossible to listen to 'I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face' and not shed a tear. Kate is in rare voice…expressive, honest, and lovely in every way. As always, Vic’s playing is astonishing while also supportive. A great addition to the recorded legacy of Vic and the deep connection he shared with Kate." -Jay Anderson “This recording is a masterpiece on so many levels..touching, reflective, lyrical and above all musical qualities. This is a recording with love and mutual respect ringing clear as a bell, infused with many deep musical and life qualities. Kate’s emotional vocabulary is striking, nuanced and bold. We all miss Vic....however this recording leaves testimony to the love that permeates the music. Rest in peace Victor,” -Dave Liebman “The world of music was devastated by the loss of Vic Juris, but here he leaves us a most beautiful calling card - something to ease our own pain and cause us to smile with wonder at his incredible guitar work,” - Joe Locke “Return To Shore, the impossibly tender duo offering from vocalist Kate Baker and recently passed guitar icon Vic Juris has the gravitas of a musical love story 25 years in the making. We’re privy to an intimate conversation between consummate artists as they write a final chapter together - an ode to each other and to the music they both created and loved. Heartrending and transcendent,” - Kate McGarry "Baker is a world class jazz singer, the pellucid, soulful voice and fluid phrasing enable her to personalize the music including her own poetic, searing lyrics, at once universal and intensely introspective. I took out the names of the tunes.... too much. but it is in the liner notes." -Ted Pankin